MON CARBONE, my carbon, an elegant name deliberately reflecting the image of a boutique brand presenting exclusive hand-crafted Carbon Fiber products. From 2007 we are born out of passion for Carbon Fiber. Our mission is to break through the industrial usage of Carbon Fiber to design innovative products that suit the modern lifestyle.

Carbon Fiber is one of the most durable and lightweight materials in the world. Using Carbon Fiber offers a unique experience – “The lightness of this material extends near limitless possibilities and can be applied to undiscovered solutions to technological issues of daily life. The powerful properties of Carbon Fiber cannot be told, it needs to be experienced.” Ming Chen, MON CARBONE CEO.

We have been introducing innovative ways of unlimited possibilities, and we keep evolving to magnify our passion in Carbon Fiber to various categories. We created the world’s 1st Carbon Fiber Case for iPhone 3G, and since has been in the forefront of Apple Accessories and premium lifestyle products. And now with our proprietary technology and craftsmanship, we are extending our reach to create new generation of luggage for the dynamic traveler and jet-setting professional who appreciates the journey. MON CARBONE represents the highest quality of Carbon Fiber Travel Goods carried into the future — BUILD TO LAST.