Established in 2007, we have been at the forefront of carbon fiber innovation, starting with the world's first Carbon Fiber Case for the iPhone 3G. This was more than just a product – it was a glimpse into the limitless possibilities of carbon fiber. We envisioned a future where its outstanding properties weren't confined to select industries but became a part of everyone's story.

The inception of our carbon fiber luggage concept was born on the racetrack, where founder and CEO Ming Chen, guided by professional racing driver Nick Edwards, discovered the unparalleled capabilities of carbon fiber. Nick, a frequent traveler and Porsche ambassador, voiced the struggles of finding a luggage that matched his standards – lightweight, durable, and performance-driven.

And so, MON CARBONE embarked on a mission to redefine luxury travel, fusing the cutting-edge properties of carbon fiber with meticulous design. Our pursuit of carbon fiber's extraordinary potential compelled us to confront challenges with unwavering determination, tirelessly breaking through boundaries. MON CARBONE is more than a brand; it is a saga of innovation, triumph over challenges, and the evolution of travel.


Innovative Technology

Carbon fiber, often hailed as the ‘Black Diamond,' stands as a versatile high-performance material despite challenges like cost and technical complexity. Its significance for aerospace and supercars establishes it as a cornerstone in various industries. Recognized for its superior strength and lightweight characteristics, it undergoes a meticulous creation process mirroring the formation of diamonds.


Performance Upgrade

From empowering athletes to break records, to serving as an enabler of progress in various fields, its impact is profound. Carbon fiber's transformative power is exemplified in prosthetics, offering lightweight, durable solutions with human-like aesthetics and strength. This breakthrough material epitomizes innovation, breaking through limitations and upgrading performance, truly changing lives for the better.


Breaking Through Limitations

Our experts, with extensive experience in both performance and fashion applications, ensure that the highest standards of the Japanese material quality are met from ultra-fine strands to the final product. Our patented FLEXTREME™ technology addresses carbon fiber's inherent rigidity. This innovation transforms it into a flexible, yet impact-resistant marvel, redefining luggage design by achieving a balance between thinness and robustness.

Our collaborations

Besides the MON CARBONE brand, we have also developed Bespoke Products through partnerships with globally renowned brands throughout various industries,
leveraging our status as carbon fiber R&D powerhouse.