Classic Carbon Fiber Money Clip

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Classic Carbon Fiber, a high-performance material most often used in high-end luxury cars, sports racing cars, aerospace industry, and many more. The iconic weave pattern shows the classic Fiber twill beauty, the most recognizable pattern known to Carbon Fiber fans.

  • Classic Carbon Fiber, innovative material improved the average strength and lightness combining SMPs Technology.
  • Zero Tension Memory Loss ensures to always return to its original shapes without losing grip pressure.
  • Excellent durability and lightweight only 9 grams.
  • Premium feel Chrome Gunmetal Metal Alloy support.
  • Tight enough to hold 1 bill, hold more than 20 folded bills and 3 credit cards.
  • Dimension: 2.6” x 1” x 0.34” in.  /  67.5 x 25 x 9.3 mm

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